Feedback from Yerevan Show 2014

2Harry Levy,
President of the London Diamond Bourse

“I think Armenia has tremendous potential especially in diamond field because the diamond field is now basically debased on conflict blood diamond issue and your diamonds are going to be clean because you are not associated with Africa. The other country that sells clean diamond is Canada, and people now are beginning to ask for Canadian stones, because they don’t want them to have conflict diamonds. I think if Armenia would start to put in a little bit of publicity, it could take up the European side of this situation. So the opportunities are tremendous”.

1Maxim Shkadov,
President of IDMA

“The creation of the Jewelry Free Economic Zone, we may call it jewelry center or a regional center of jewelry industry, has a great potential for Armenia to finally occupy its place in business, which it should have occupied by rights a long time ago.
Armenia should definitely become one of the major centers in this field; if everything goes in the right direction, then the potential is tremendous”.

2.jpeg-thumb_234,auto,scale_Vartkess Knadjian,
Backes & Strauss CEO

“Great work has been done since the first Yerevan Show exhibition and great work has been done with FEZ, but we should start our major work now.
We have to create jobs in Armenia and bring Armenian jewelers here. We should promote the jewelry and diamond industry in Armenia. We have to work together.”

3Hovel Chenorhokian,
AJA International Board Secretary

“We are very happy to have a President like Mr. Gevorkyan who has contributed greatly to the creation of this free economic zone. This is a wonderful building, which has no analogues in Yerevan.
There is an inscription by the entrance “Oh! Armenian people, your salvation lies only in your collective power!” We need a collective power to succeed in this enterprise”.